"21 years experience in image compression & decompression"
"over 100 billion images compressed & decompressed"
Hypersoft, Inc. was established 21 years ago to provide image compression, image decompression, and other image processes to the Document Imaging Industry. The first products were for CCITT Group3 and Group4. These products were incorporated into many commercial systems, including the most popular FAX software, WinFax PRO.

Compression, decompression, scaling, rotation, mirroring, etc. for JPEG images were later introduced.

Both these sets of products have been used in the compression and decompression of over 100 billion images.

With the explosion of Digital Photography, Performance Imaging Inc. was formed to serve that industry. A new JPEG Decompression was developed which was even faster and more complete than the original Hypersoft product. This new JPEG decompression is offered by both Performance Imaging, Inc. and Hypersoft, Inc.

We calculated that if we could save 1/2 second for each decompression of 100 billion images, we would save about 14 million man-hours of user time. We hope that this software accomplishes at least that.